Jobs 101: How to be an Irreplaceable Employee


Jobs 101: How to be an Irreplaceable Employee , by Kids At Their Best.

What you”ll learn:

  • How to Find A Job and Apply for the Job
  • How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter
  • How to Ace a Job Interview
  • How to Get Through Your First 90 Days

Course Description

Calling all parents and teachers! Use this platform for young adults entering the workforce.

Bridging the gap between this generation and employers, Jobs 101 aims to empower and educate the youth by preparing them for the workforce. Topics covered include:

Job or Career?

Where to Find a Job

Social Media Presence

How to Write a Resume

How to Write a Cover Letter

Applying and Handing in Your Resume

Ace Your Interview

Filling Out a W-4

Speech and Phone Use in the Workplace

Sick Time, Time Off, Quitting, and Termination

Using a Time Clock

Taking Advantage of Your Employer and Your Employer Taking Advantage of You

90 Review

Mock Interview

Together, these lessons will prepare you for your interview (and the steps along the way) and then further make you a valuable and irreplaceable employee in the workforce.

Separately from what you see on Udemy, you will need to contact me once you are finished so we can schedule a mock interview to test all the skills you’ve acquired with this program. In addition, we will schedule a tour of a local job of your choice. Good luck and as always, feel free to contact me for help or come into the Kids At Their Best office where we can dive into any of these topics even deeper one on one or in a small group.

If you are under 18, please get parental or teacher permission and supervision for this program.

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