Job Application Mastery 2.0: Unlock Your Dream Career!


Job Application Mastery 2.0: Unlock Your Dream Career!, Craft your Application Documents with Tools like Chat GPT or Canva and Shine in Job Interviews for Professional Success!

You’re sitting at the computer, and your heart is racing!

As you fill out the job application form, fear of rejection sets in, and you know the feeling of receiving a rejection all too well.

You’re no longer happy in your current job and want something new. But you don’t know where to start.

You feel like you lack the necessary skills to find the job of your dreams. It seems like everyone else is succeeding while you’re stuck in a loop.

Deep inside, you feel a longing for change and a fulfilling career.

You don’t want to remain stuck in a job that doesn’t fit you or doesn’t appreciate you enough. Where you earn too little or aren’t treated with respect.

You want to show what you’re made of and unleash your full potential. And for that, you need support.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Thomas, a HR professional for 15 years, involved in “application processes and interviews” every day!

With my Job Application Mastery 2.0, I guide you through the entire application process from A to Z. My trainings are up-to-date, allowing you to tap into the full potential available to us today.

I provide you with tools and strategies you need to achieve your professional goals.

I show you how to create professional application documents that will impress your target companies.

I prepare you for your interviews so that you can confidently make your mark. Stress and nervousness will be a thing of the past – I promise.

Together, we learn how to use modern technologies and methods to make the application process more efficient and successful, setting you apart from the competition.

You’ll learn from numerous practical examples and live videos how to use tools like Chat GPT or Canva effectively. No experience here? No problem! We start from scratch.

If you prefer to create everything yourself, you’ll receive numerous wording and design suggestions for your resume/cover letter & Co. available for download.

We’ve entered the digital age and use all available opportunities in the training. Job Application Mastery 2.0 gives you a decisive advantage in the job market. My insider knowledge as a HR professional and about 1000 conducted interviews gives it the finishing touch.


Begin your journey to a fulfilling career. Find a job that suits you and receive fair compensation that appreciates your dedication and achievements!

It’s time for you to unleash your full potential and follow your dreams. Take the first step and learn with me how to get closer to your professional goals!

In the “Job Application Mastery 2.0” seminar, you will learn:

  • How to effortlessly create professional application documents and know exactly what matters
  • How to analyze job advertisements and incorporate the most important keywords into your formulations
  • Where to get the best templates for resume and cover letter to minimize your workload
  • How to gain a clear advantage over other applicants with my insider tips
  • How to correctly interpret your job references to determine the grades you received in your past
  • How to prepare for your interview and reduce your nervousness and stress
  • How to act absolutely confidently and confidently in the job interview/application interview, convincing your interviewers
  • What questions to expect in the introductory interview and what your perfect answer looks like
  • How to handle all situations stress-free and efficiently solve tricky situations
  • How to research your salary and use information sources that almost no one knows
  • How to convince the other party of your salary expectations with compelling arguments
  • What levers exist that interviewers pay attention to and that only a HR professional can reveal And the best part: Everything I teach you, I summarize at the end in a practical tutorial for you.


Here you see a concrete example of how to create your perfect application documents. We will review everything what we have learned.

With your training, you get over 20 documents completely free of charge ready for download:

  • 333 questions for the job interview, which I use in my training for recruiters
  • Numerous wording suggestions for cover letters and resumes
  • Sample templates for the most important documents
  • A list of links to the most important addresses on the web
  • And as a Premium Upgrade, if you complete the course entirely or at least to 80%, you are eligible to receive a first-class completion certificate from the Growing Mind Academy, with all the details, you have learned.

Shape your future actively! Secure your spot in Job Application Mastery 2.0 and start your journey to your dream job. The best time to start is right now!

Book your spot on the way to your new professional perspectives. Join my exclusive seminar, which you won’t find anywhere else on this planet.

I’ll be by your side with enthusiasm and commitment.

Your Coach and Trainer – Thomas

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