Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP – Topic-based Tests 2021


Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 OCP – Topic-based Tests 2021, Java Certification Exam – Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) – Exam Prep – [+360 Questions].

This is a Topic-based course that covers all the exam topics, in the order established by Oracle, which will allow you to evaluate your knowledge in each Topic.

Now that exams Java SE 11 Programmer I (1Z0-815) and Java SE 11 Programmer II (1Z0-816) are being retired. You can earn Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer credential by passing a single exam – Java SE 11 Developer | 1Z0-819

This course is intended for those who want become a Java 11 Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) by taking either the 1Z0‐819 Exam or the 1Z0‐817 Upgrade Exam, as well as those who want to test their knowledge of Java 11.

If you are an experienced Java developer and you think that you can pass Java 11 certification without much preparation, I suggest you first go through that course, and if you can score over 80% then you are ready for the real exam.

This course is intended for those who want become a Java SE 11 Developer Certified by taking the 1Z0-819 Exam as well as those who want to test their knowledge of Java. It’s a practice test to prepare for your java certification exam and crack the Java Certification exam, one of the most in-demand certifications for Java developers. So If you are aiming for Java certification then you will love these tests. These are 360+ unique and high-quality practice tests to prepare for Java 11 Certification.

Each practice test has a detailed explanation for each question which you can check after going through the test and reviewing the wrong questions.

If you don’t know, Java 11 certification is a very in-demand certification and also a great way to improve your Java skills. There are many tangible and intangible benefits of passing Java certification and these practice tests are great for that.

Once you complete the test, you can review questions to learn about which question you did wrong and why. This is the best way to improve your knowledge of the subject. For a good score, it’s imperative for you to have good knowledge of exam topics and explanations will help you with that.

You can use these practice tests to build the speed and accuracy required to pass this prestigious certification for Java developers.

The practice test covers all exam topics and the number of questions is also distributed depending upon their weightage on the actual exam to provide you a true test before the actual example

It is more important than ever to use practice exams before appearing for 1Z0-819 exam because this exam covers a wide range of topics. They range from basic, such as variable decarations, classes, loops, conditionals, overloading, and overriding) to really advanced, such as concurrency, annotations, security, JDBC, and NIO. That’s a lot of topics to study! It is not easy to remember all the information just by reading a book. You must train your mind to retain important information so that you can answer the questions in the exam. Practicing with these exams will ensure that you will not skip over critical information.

This certification is the representation of attaining a certain skillset and expertise that is backed by Oracle. It validates your achievement and helps to showcase it with your professional network. Get Certified today.

These are practice exams for the new Java SE 11 Developer Exam 1Z0-819. they comprises brand-new questions, which are similar to the questions that can be expected on the real exam. Working through these exams will give you a good indication of how well you are prepared for the real exam, and whether any topics need further study.

Java programmer certifications are designed to tell would-be employers whether you really know your stuff, and cracking the OCP Java SE 11 Developer Certification is not an easy task. if you want to pass the exam the first time with a score that you can be proud of. You need to take this course, that will help you to understand the certification process so that you’re ready for the challenging questions you’ll face in 1Z0-819 the exam. This course provide detailed explanations, including why options are correct or incorrect. Mark your incorrect answers and identify the sections that you need to reread.

So if you don’t hold any previous Java certifications, then you should take the 1Z0‐819 Java SE 11 Developer Exam. It is a very broad exam, covering subjects from basic Java concepts and syntax to more advanced topics and APIs. Some libraries you may use every day, while others you may not be familiar with in your career, such as the concurrency, annotations, and NIO.2 APIs. The exam also includes a lot of topics around the new Java module platform.


Working with Java data types

  • Use primitives and wrapper classes, including, operators, parentheses, type promotion and casting
  • Handle text using String and StringBuilder classes
  • Use local variable type inference, including as lambda parameters

Controlling Program Flow

  • Create and use loops, if/else, and switch statements

Java Object-Oriented Approach

  • Declare and instantiate Java objects including nested class objects, and explain objects’ lifecycles (including creation, dereferencing by reassignment, and garbage collection)
  • Define and use fields and methods, including instance, static and overloaded methods
  • Initialize objects and their members using instance and static initialiser statements and constructors
  • Understand variable scopes, apply encapsulation and make objects immutable
  • Create and use subclasses and superclasses, including abstract classes
  • Utilize polymorphism and casting to call methods, differentiate object type versus reference type
  • Create and use interfaces, identify functional interfaces, and utilize private, static, and default methods
  • Create and use enumerations

Exception Handling

  • Handle exceptions using try/catch/finally clauses, try-with-resource, and multi-catch statements
  • Create and use custom exceptions

Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Use generics, including wildcards
  • Use a Java array and List, Set, Map and Deque collections, including convenience methods
  • Sort collections and arrays using Comparator and Comparable interfaces

Working with Streams and Lambda expressions

  • Implement functional interfaces using lambda expressions, including interfaces from the java.util.function package
  • Use Java Streams to filter, transform and process data
  • Perform decomposition and reduction, including grouping and partitioning on sequential and parallel streams

Java Platform Module System

  • Deploy and execute modular applications, including automatic modules
  • Declare, use, and expose modules, including the use of services


  • Create worker threads using Runnable and Callable, and manage concurrency using an ExecutorService and java.util.concurrent API
  • Develop thread-safe code, using different locking mechanisms and java.util.concurrent API

Java I/O API

  • Read and write console and file data using I/O Streams
  • Implement serialization and deserialization techniques on Java objects
  • Handle file system objects using java.nio.file API

Secure Coding in Java SE Application

  • Develop code that mitigates security threats such as denial of service, code injection, input validation and ensure data integrity
  • Secure resource access including filesystems, manage policies and execute privileged code

Database Applications with JDBC

  • Connect to and perform database SQL operations, process query results using JDBC API


  • Implement Localization using Locale, resource bundles, and Java APIs to parse and format messages, dates, and numbers


  • Create, apply, and process annotations

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