IT support for Beginners and students


IT support for Beginners and students, IT support for Beginners and students is a course oriented to everybody who wants to improve their IT skills.

IT support for Beginners is oriented to students, office manager, small business owners and everyone who wants to shine when computers decides to take a break, we will go step by step on how to diagnose, fix and and get computer up and running again,  will cover basic troubleshooting on the computer during the boot process with embedded vendor utilities, then will pass to advance process to determine hardware condition, check components by components, determine if computer is covered by vendor and execute the warranty, check file system, determine condition, check permissions, local accounts, why we should have limited accounts and no admin accounts, antivirus protection, check the differences between paid license and free license,  backups, how to backup information for free with an outlook account, how to create bootable drive for windows reload, learn how to get windows on the pc, it does not matter if we dot no have windows DVD vendor on hand

In the last part we will learn also how to create virtual machine and install windows with an iso file previously downloaded from Microsoft site.

We will also learn how to refresh windows OS without reinstalling the operating system, we will see the differences  when backup is needed and when only need to reload the pc

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