Investing: Instruments, Pricing and Strategies


Investing: Instruments, Pricing and Strategies , This course is the best option to start your investment journey or to structure your knowledge about financial markets!

This course will be useful for beginners as well as for people who have a fundamental knowledge in finance but want to expand their knowledge in investing.

This course will help you to get familiar with the most important aspects of investments. You will learn how to analyse various types of financial securities both from theoretical and practical points of view! Each topic is supported by the examples and detailed descriptions. The exercises will help you to solidify the information from each topic.

The course content includes information about:

– Stock markets
– Exchanges
– Types of financial securities
– Bonds
– Stocks
– Asset Pricing Models
– Market Multipliers
– Derivatives
– and more!

The graduated student will be able to:

– Learn the history of stock exchanges
– Make sufficient investment analysis
– Create his/her own investment portfolio
– Start investment journey on stock exchange
– Get along with different types of financial securities

There are three instructors, who rotate the topics of each week. Each instructor prepared those topics in which he/she is an expert! We believe that such diversification is not only sufficient from the studying point of view, but also engaging students.

We designed this course with passion and love. We wish students feel the advantages of this approach by themselves!

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