Introduction to SQL Server


Introduction to SQL Server , An Introduction to SQL Database Programming with Microsoft SQL Server.

What you”ll learn:

  • Students will get an introductory overview on databases and SQL queries.


“Introduction to SQL Server” is a free programming course introducing SQL and databases to new people. Using Microsoft SQL Server as an entry point into the database world, we will cover the concepts of relational databases and SQL (Structured Query Language), the language used to search, retrieve, and sort data from a database.

This course consists of two lesson sections:

  • Database Fundamentals: An overview on relational databases, tables, and SQL.
  • The SELECT Query: An overview of the foundational SQL command, SELECT. We will cover the four major parts of the SELECT query and best practices to follow.

Also included in this course are two tutorials on installing SQL Server on your own computer, so that you can practice writing queries on your own.

This is a beginner level course aimed at people who have had no prior computing experience before. It is well-suited for students who have never worked with computers before. If you have never taken any programming before, this course is suitable for you.

It is also suitable for new or beginner developers looking to improve their back-end development skills or strengthen their database querying skills. Instruction primarily revolves around the Microsoft SQL Server database system. However, the content is suitable for any SQL-based relational database system, such as MySQL, Postgres, or Oracle.

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