Introduction to Business English for International Students


Introduction to Business English for International Students, Learn Basic Business Concepts to Boost your English Vocabulary.

This course is designed to be a first step for English Language Learners to becoming successful and effective communicator in the world of business.

In only 30 minutes total and 10 short, easy lessons, students will quickly gain an understanding of basic English words, terms and phrases commonly used in the business world.

Students will get advice on preparing for and conducting themselves during job interviews.

Best practices on how to interact with business associates in other cultures will be addressed.

The course will touch on a variety of business-related topics including working with case studies and navigating media.

The impact of ethics on business – both positive and negative – will be highlighted.

The course also touches on core skills important for successful professional interactions, such as effective verbal and written communication, active listening, and presentation abilities.

Students will learn tips for crafting persuasive messages and conveying ideas with precision and clarity.

And each lesson ends with a quiz to track comprehension, and the course can be repeated as many times as necessary to solidify acquisition.

The key terms and vocabulary covered in this course include:



human resources

employee benefits

balance sheet

job description

profit and loss statement



and more . . .

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