Intro to Healthcare Imaging: RADIOGRAPHY, Plain & Simple


Intro to Healthcare Imaging: RADIOGRAPHY, Plain & Simple, Learn the fundamentals of healthcare medical imaging systems, including screen/film, computed and digital radiography.

Have you ever wondered how xray based radiographic systems work and why they are so important to healthcare?   Are you curious about how the digital versions of the old screen/film systems improve upon image quality and diagnosis?  Would you like to see what these systems look like?  If so, this course is for you.

You will learn:

  • The basics of how xray films are generated
  • Computed Radiography and the advantages that this digital system brings to image quality and reduced retakes
  • Digital Radiography and how it eliminates the need for plate handling and how it improves work processes and efficiencies in the radiography department.
  • The various types of radiographic equipment and how they serve different needs

This course includes:

  • Video lectures walking you through the various aspects of xrays
  • Quiz to test your retention

Whether you are new to the healthcare profession or looking to advance your career in healthcare or are an established healthcare professional eager to learn more about the potential of medical imaging, this course is perfect for you. The course is targeted for those unfamiliar with technical jargon but still wanting to learn about this technology and its application to healthcare organizations.

My approach to teaching is a very pragmatic one explaining difficult concepts in an “easy to understand” format. This and my other courses are founded on my 35 years experience in the healthcare industry growing my career from development engineer through president. It is also based on my 15 years teaching business and healthcare at the graduate level at 2 Universities.

This course on Radiography is one in a series of courses on Medical Imaging.  Other courses include  Image Processing,  Fluoroscopy, Cardiovascular, CT, MR, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.

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