Intellectual Property WHAT and WHY for Small Businesses


Intellectual Property WHAT and WHY for Small Businesses, What every small business owner and creative entrepreneur must know about intellectual property.

Intellectual Property is all the buzz in the business space these days. Businesses are leveraging their intellectual property assets to generate revenue and access financing. Intellectual Property represents an important component of a business’s value. In fact, intellectual property represents over 90% of the value of the S&P 500 companies and small businesses. As a small business owner in today’s digital economy, it is crucially important to protect your business’s IP in order to maximise its value.

Without proper management of intellectual property, a business is at risks of both losses and liability from infringement. The starting point for managing your intellectual property is to know what intellectual property is and why it is important for your business. This course will go over the main categories of intellectual property including copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets, as well as useful tips for managing your intellectual property.

Two FREE resources are included in this course to help further understanding and start the process of identifying  and managing your intellectual property – the Intellectual Property Primer and the Intellectual Property Self-Audit guide.

This course is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in learning about intellectual property and wants to gain the knowledge to create an intellectual property strategy for their business. It gives a bite-size introduction to WHAT intellectual property is and WHY it is important.????

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