Infrastructure automation with Terraform Cloud


Infrastructure automation with Terraform Cloud, Learn Terraform Cloud – HashiCorp’s managed service offering.

Terraform Cloud is HashiCorp’s managed service offering. It eliminates the need for unnecessary tooling and documentation for practitioners, teams, and organisations to use Terraform in production.

Provision infrastructure in a remote environment that is optimized for the Terraform workflow.

Terraform Cloud enables infrastructure automation for provisioning, compliance, and management of any cloud, data center, and service.

Few of the top feature we will cover in the course:

  • Run infrastructure as code remotely
  • Store and dynamically update your Terraform state file securely with encryption at rest.
  • Review and comment on plans prior to executing any change to infrastructure.
  • Automate Terraform Cloud functionality into the workflows your team uses everyday.
  • Concurrent runs by increasing your team’s velocity by adding concurrent runs to your plan.
  • Send notifications about runs via email, Slack, or via webhooks.
  • Achieve CI/CD integration by running Terraform into your existing toolchain for improved automation.
  • Integrate hundreds of third party tools into your Terraform workflow.
  • Build Terraform Cloud into existing and/or automated workflows
  • Calculate costs before applying infrastructure changes, and control them using policy as code.
  • Export audit logs to external systems via an API, or connect directly into Splunk for better visualization.
  • Create security and compliance guardrails for any Terraform run with Sentinel or third-party tools.
  • Onboard and decommission new users from your organization in minutes.
  • Manually approve changes or automate a run as soon as a pull request is merged into a main branch.

What are we going to learn in this session?

  • Terraform CLI vs Terraform Cloud
  • Terraform – SAAS Platform
  • Licensing in  Terraform Cloud
  • CLI vs CLoud vs Enterprise
  • Introduction to Workspace
  • Account & Workspaces creation
  • Version Control System integration
  • variable & variable set
  • Terraform Cloud Destruction
  • Cost Estimation
  • Creating resources in Terraform Cloud via API
  • Workspace Locking & Remote execution
  • Sentinel Policy
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