Information Literacy & Online Search Strategies


Information Literacy & Online Search Strategies , Build your digital literacy skills to search effectively for online information.

What you”ll learn:

  • Understand the key concept information literacy
  • Identify the information need
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Find online information effectively


The 21st century is a digital information age whereby information resources are abundant on the World Wide Web. New literacies are emerging and digital media forms allow communication to be more nuanced than ever before. It is crucial to know how to search, evaluate and use information effectively to be thriving in today’s society. Information literacy is the ability to discover and use various type of information. Digital literacy is about being able to critically evaluate the flood of information available through digital media. This includes technical skills such as the ability to use diverse digital technologies, determine which digital tools are best for certain tasks, and to decide how best to share the information. It is an essential skill for navigating the digital and information age. The course equips learners with practical strategies for identifying the need for information, finding information from various resources, and understanding the search results. Information literacy is the key asset for the 21st century learners. Information literate people “know how to search for information, critically evaluate the information, and use information effectively to solve a particular problem, make a decision or create new content. This course enables learners to develop information and digital literacy skills to help achieving success in pre-university studies.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners who need to carry out structured and effective research online.
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