IELTS Speaking Secrets: Master the Live Interview


IELTS Speaking Secrets: Master the Live Interview, Learn how to raise your band score and pass the IELTS Speaking Exam.

Instructor is very engaging and beautifully explains everything. The course content is well organized. Simply put- it’s a nice course to learn how to get better in English (speaking part). ~ Faisal Qamar

Are you ready to walk into the room and answer the examiner’s question on the IELTS live interview?

In this course, you will learn how to raise your band score and pass the live interview in the IELTS speaking section of the IELTS exam.

My name is Brian Gabriel and I have conducted IELTS speaking interviews for hundreds of students around the world. I’m also the creator of a comprehensive IELTS course with thousands of students and dozens of 5-star reviews.

So why did I design an IELTS speaking masterclass? I designed this course for students who might feel comfortable with the reading, listening, and writing sections, but need some extra help on the live interview of the IELTS speaking exam.

This course will show you how to impress the examiner during the live interview.

I want to help you focus your study time on the strategies that will help you raise your score fast!

Many students have a specific goal for their band score. “I need an IELTS band 7 speaking course!” they say. Every student starts the course at a different level. But it doesn’t matter; you can increase your current band score by using the strategies I show you in the course.

So, here’s what you will learn in the course:

  1. What is on the live interview—what kinds of questions will you hear? I want you to know exactly what to expect.
  2. How does the examiner score you? What are the scoring criteria? I’ll help you master all four scoring areas so you know what they want on the IELTS Speaking Exam.
  3. How do you give good, effective answers on the exam? I’ll show you how I answer questions by giving you demonstrations in Part I, Part II, and Part III.

As with all of my courses, I will offer you my personal help and guidance. If you are ready to master the live interview, then enroll in this course today—I can’t wait to see you in class!

Udemy offers you a full “never any questions asked” 30 day money back guarantee. You can start today at NO RISK to you. 

Your opportunities are waiting for you. Join the course NOW.

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