HTML & CSS from scratch


HTML & CSS from scratch , English Language.

What you”ll learn:

  • General understanding of what HTML and CSS is
  • How to style webpages/websites using CSS.
  • How to make a responsive webpage/website using HTML & CSS
  • How to make lists, embed images, videos and audios to a webpage.
  • A complete guide to building responsive HTML forms.
  • How to make responsive navigation menu links that can work perfectly for all screen sizes using HTML and CSS.
  • How to embed YouTube APIs to webpages.
  • General understanding of CSS Grids and CSS Flexbox.
  • Introduction to CSS animations
  • How to create animations on a webpage with CSS animations
  • Practice tests and quizes to boost your knowledge.
  • Build a NETFLIX home page clone with HTML and CSS from the scratch.
  • Create and use 2D and 3D CSS transformation methods on HTML elements.
  • Learn about CSS transitions and how to use them on websites.
  • Create an Image Gallery with HTML and CSS flexboxes.
  • Hands-on projects with CSS flexboxes and CSS animations.
  • Create a story scene with moving characters using CSS animations.
  • Brief introduction to Online code repository – GITHUB.
  • Learn and Understand what Semantic HTML is and how and why we use them.
  • Learn about the CSS box model and its properties.
  • Learn how to build and style attractive HTML tables.
  • Learn different ways of styling website navbars – dropdown menu links, fixed/horizontal menu links and side menu links.
  • Learn how to host a website for free on Netlify.
  • Learn and understand how to link files effectively in an HTML document.


                                      HTML & CSS from scratch: HTML & CSS course for absolute beginners.

The “HTML & CSS from scratch” course is a course for absolute beginners: individuals without prior knowledge of HTML and CSS, or newbies in tech generally. This course promises to deliver the necessary knowledge required to make a beginner transition from a “zero” point to a “hero” point.

Paschalyn, the instructor in this course, earned her Bachelor’s degree as an Educationist and a Computer programmer. During the pandemic, she considered giving full attention to her teaching passion, and so out of a burning desire to give a helping hand to society, she engaged in a couple of projects where she taught lots of students different courses: graphics design and software programming were her main courses. She began her journey by teaching school children in her home country, the Google CS first Scratch course. In 2022, she held the position of Course Director for the “1000 Women in Canva Scholarship Programme 2022” sponsored by Ingressive for Good(I4G) and Malhub Nig, where she taught a thousand women across the globe Graphics and Motion graphics using Canva. Still the same year, she worked with a Youth Empowerment Programme in her country, “The Scam Project”, where she taught undergraduates Graphics design using Canva. The record still counting, she has taught countless school children who are in their teen years Computer Science/Programming both physically and virtually.

This course was birthed as a result of the yearning to give an elaborate explanation of concepts in HTML and CSS which most tech newbies may be struggling to come to terms with. Paschalyn explains all the necessary details to a satisfactory level; she also adopts the use of explainer videos to aid her to achieve this goal.

Throughout this course, it is advisable for students to practice along in each lesson and also pay good attention in class. The students would engage in a lot of lessons but to highlight a few, students will learn:

  • general understanding of what HTML and CSS are,
  • how to style webpages with CSS,
  • create and style HTML forms, navbars/menu-links, tables, images, etc,
  • CSS grids and CSS flexbox: learn to create an image gallery with CSS flexbox,
  • CSS animations,
  • build 2 hands-on projects on CSS animations: CSS animation story scene, walking sprites in CSS,
  • build a responsive Netflix home page with HTML and CSS,
  • host a website for free on Netlify,
  • semantic HTML – HTML5,
  • CSS box model – margin, padding and border, and
  • CSS transitions and CSS 2D & 3D transforms, etc.

This 12 hours course explains all of these with relevant examples and attaches the source codes and each video or other file used, to the lesson.

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