How to Write a Scientific Paper for High Ranked Journals


How to Write a Scientific Paper for High Ranked Journals, Fundamentals of Writing Research Paper in SCCI, SCI, ESCI journals : Write with Confidence.

The core purpose of this course is to introduce students/researchers and practitioner about ‘How to write a scientific research paper for high ranked journals”. The course will introduce about importance of writing in academic academic journals like SCCI, SCI and ESCI. journals. The aim of this course is to highlight errors in academic writing and provide guidelines on how to write each section of manuscript perfectly. This course consist of 8 sections and focus on core issues like importance of publication in academic, Key web of sciences indexes, desk rejection, gap identification, Novelty in research, evaluating research idea. The key focus is on writing each section of research paper and identifying research gaps using future calls, systematic literature reviews and journal special issue.

It is expected that at the end of this course, students will be able to answer following questions:

1.     Importance of Publications in Academia

2.     Key Reasons of Desk Rejection and remedies

3.     Finding Suitable Journal for your article

4.     How to identify research gaps using research paper future call, Journal call for papers and Systematic Literature Review

5.     Searching and managing Literature using Boolean Operator

6.     Clarifying your Problem and Research Q’s

7.      Oxford University 5×5 principle

8.     Writing each section of research paper including title, abstract, literature review, methods, results

9.     Writing Discussion section including theoretical and practical implications

10.    How to write cover letter, ScholarOne manuscript submission guidelines and ORCID account management

Unfortunately, despite the widespread standard of writing and publishing research papers, most Universities don’t offer any formal training or mentorship on how to write effective papers. The lack of guidance and resources has made it difficult, and at times frustrating, for graduate students and young researchers to properly organize and structure their papers for acceptance into publications. This “How to Write a Scientific Paper for High Ranked Journals” course will provide you with the valuable research guidance from a scholar with over 20 years of experience in research and teaching in higher education. Dr.Muhammad Shakil Ahmad has published over 38+ SSCI peer reviewed Journal articles and currently serves as the technical editor, editorial reviewer and a member of the editorial board of several prestigious journals.

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