How To Succeed As An HR Department Of One


How To Succeed As An HR Department Of One, Understanding important knowledge and skills for your role in managing HR Department on your own.

Currently, the sole HR practitioner running the HR department for an organization is becoming common. The position will vary from an HR leader to an HR generalist, but their role is the same, to provide HR service to all employees and to manage HR functions in the organization.

This course is about understanding important knowledge in HR and critical skills in managing work alone and becoming an attentive and helpful HR person. The information gained in this course will help you improve your role as the only HR person in your organization, And will also help you build the credibility and confidence to be more productive at work.

This course aims to help you to

  • manage HR in an organization in terms of performing HR functions and handling employees
  • understand the knowledge that is crucial to enhancing your function as the sole HR representative at your organization.
  • learn the skills you need to succeed as a one-person HR department
  • build the credibility and confidence you need to be more productive in your career
  • manage the constantly shifting, expanding work and how to balance the workload of the human resources department

This course is for Human Resources professionals, administrative assistants, small business owners, office managers, supervisors — anyone who handles the one-stop HR department on their own! Whether you’re new to the job or have a few years of experience, let’s join this course so you can take control of your HR Department of one with the skills, and confidence!

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