How to Self Balance Heavy Metals


How to Self Balance Heavy Metals , Systemised Techniques for Conscious Body Fields.

What you”ll learn: 

  • Define and describe heavy metals and issues accumulation can cause in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • List potentials for causes
  • Self-assess current exposure potential status
  • Introduce concept of energetic scanning
  • Describe examples of techniques and tools to aid scanning, processes and system
  • Observe examples of energetic clearing
  • Learn examples of how to systemise and process energy work
  • Experience 5 organs consciousness states
  • Observe 10 metal energetic frequencies
  • Observe 5 plant frequencies
  • Acknowledge how plant frequencies can support organ code structures
  • Develop energy reading skill sets
  • Discuss important of energy hygiene measures and associated cautions and warnings when beginning to work with different energies
  • List suggestions for alternative products to reduce accumulation




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