How To Run A Fashion Business Online


How To Run A Fashion Business Online, The 7 Elements You Need To Have in Place To Successfully Run A Fashion Business Online.

In this mini-class, you will learn the 7 elements you need to run a successful fashion business online.

Running a business offline and online requires a totally different set of elements and strategies.

This class is for you:

  • Have an offline fashion business, such as a store, studio, or organization, and you want to transition into the online space.
  • Want success in both worlds (offline and online), but you are struggling to get traction online.
  • Want to have an online fashion business and sell directly from your website or online store.


Learning about these 7 elements will help you:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase visibility
  • Build community
  • Get more traffic
  • Grow online sales

In this class you’ll be able to see what you are missing in your business, start making plans to incorporate these elements, and come up with your formula for online business success.

This class includes 13 short videos, which add up to 33 minutes. I will also share with you 3 free guides to help you take the next steps in your fashion business journey.

  • This class is great for aspiring or current fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, boutique owners, resellers, organizations, and other creatives in the fashion industry.
  • You don’t need any prior work experience to take this class.
  • You don’t need a product or service to take advantage of this class, but it would be beneficial to at least have an idea.
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset is recommended.
  • You will need a computer, phone, tablet, or other smart electronic device to apply the teachings of this class.
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