How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety Using Aromatherapy


How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety Using Aromatherapy, Learn how to use essential oils and the art of aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Do you struggle with the symptoms of stress and anxiety? Are you looking for a drug free, natural alternative?

This step by step online course teaches you how to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety using the natural healing power of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Stress and anxiety are very common feelings, but when they start to overwhelm us they can start to interfere with our day to day lives.

This course has been developed to help you quickly learn how to create your own simple blends in no time at all.

Perhaps you have an interest in using essential oils and aromatherapy, but you aren’t sure which oils to choose? It may be that you aren’t sure how many drops to use, or how to use them safely. It can all be a little confusing. However, like anything, once you have taken this course you will be on your way to creating lovely blends to use in a room diffuser, in the bath or shower, in massage, and other methods of aromatherapy.

I like to think of it as creating your own Holistic Wellbeing Toolkit – learning these skills mean that you have them for a life-time – and you can dip into your Wellbeing Toolkit whenever you need to help yourself or a friend or family member.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • We look at the causes of stress and anxiety
  • Find out when you should seek help from a professional
  • We discover the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Understand the symptoms of stress and anxiety and what to look out for in yourself as well as your loved ones
  • Learn exactly how essential oils, and aromatherapy, help relieve the symtoms of stress and anxiety
  • Discover how to use essential oils safely and effectively, and very importantly what not to do
  • Learn all the methods in which to use the oils including bathing, showering, massage, inhalation, room sprays, body lotions, creams, and many more…
  • We take an indepth look at 10 essential oils which I have specially chosen for their stress relieving qualities
  • Learn about carrier oils, lotions, creams and base products, and what NOT to use
  • Learn how to create 30 individual blends all designed to help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Follow along with my step by step practical video guide demonstrating how to create your own recipes and products
  • Discover the best way to store your oils to keep them in good condition for as long as possible
  • Find out where to purchase the oils and what to avoid
  • Learn exactly how many drops of essential oil you should use and how to dilute the oils

My name is Sue, I am a professional aromatherapist, and in this course I am focussing on how to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety using essential oils and aromatherapy.

Stress is a normal part of life that affects us all, there’s so many things that can cause stress, but when they add up they can start to cause problems.

I am passionate about holistic and complementary therapies, and finding drug-free ways to help ourselves to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Take control of your own wellbeing

There are many methods we can use to take back control of our own wellbeing without resorting to prescription medication. It is about recognising how we are feeling and being proactive by taking action to help ourselves.

I hope you will join me on this comprehensive online course.

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