How to Install Mailwizz on a VPS


How to Install Mailwizz on a VPS, Mailwizz installation Guide.


Email marketing is no doubt, an over ten billion dollar industry. So we all got to be doing email marketing irrespective of our niche and business inclination. To really get a cut from the industry market cap we really need to understand how to do email marketing the right way and that’s the reason I launched this course.

This course is divided into different section for better understanding. We described what is mailwizz, types of email marketers, strctures of an email marketing system and which one to go for that fits your need for optimal success.

Let’s see the structures of an email marketing system:

The done-for-you system

I called it The done for you system simply because everything has been done for you. All you need to do is to signup for an account, verify your domain and start sending. Examples of such systems are getresponse, systeme io, clickfunnels, convertkit, etc. when using these systems it is very important to be a genuine sender. This is important to keep to the email deliverability best practices including the can-spam act of 2003. Aside from that, it will help not to impact the shared IPs of ESPs with bad reputations. This is because if you send spammy emails, you will be banned. It’s very important to use services like Zerobounce to routinely validate your email list before sending.

The Semi-custom email marketing system

This is a type of email marketing system where you can have your mailing application such as Mailwizz on maybe a VPS server and you can subscribe to an Smtp service like mailgun, Amazon ses. I personally like this system because you’ll have total control over your email list. You can still be banned if you don’t have a good sending reputation.

The custom email marketing system

For a custom email marketing system, we don’t need any company to help us send emails. we are the one to build our own system from scratch. This is very important as it will help you to save more than 10x of the money you would have spent on email marketing companies. Since we are not depending on any system, this is where we need an SMTP server to help us send emails over the internet. There are different SMTPs or mail transfer agents (MTAs) but in this postal SMTP setup guide, we are going to be looking into how we can get our system up and running using postal SMTP.

We also spoke about types of email marketers and how they relate to the different structures of the email marketing system. We addressed all technical requirements, installation of mailwizz and the basic configurations of mailwizz email marketing application.

In all, you are welcome to the course and I’ll be here to assist you in everything you need to setup mailwizz on VPS server. Let’s get this ???.

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