How To Identify Fake News and Fight Misinformation


How To Identify Fake News and Fight Misinformation, Critical Thinking Skills and Strategy.

About This Class

Step-By-Step Strategy to help you identify fake news and misinformation by using the methods of Critical Thinking.

Learn how to navigate the abundance of information around you and how to become a socially engaged Critical Thinking advocate that helps make the world we live in a more reliable shared environment.

What You Will Learn

· The difference between Fake News, Misinformation, and Disinformation.

· The main types of misinformation and their effects.

· Why smart people are not immune to misinformation and manipulation.

· The main characteristics of a Critical Thinker’s Mindset.

· How to analyze the context of a news segment or claim.

· How to analyze the source of a news segment or claim.

· How to analyze the credentials for the author of a news segment or claim.

· How to analyze the main claim included in a news segment.

The abundance of information makes identifying fake news and fighting misinformation, an essential skill in navigating the world we live in.

Being able to tell the fake from the real, the sensational from the relevant, and the manipulation from genuine interest, become reliable tools in our decision-making processes and ultimately, shape the way we build our own life and the society we live in.

Enroll in this course and discover new ways to optimize your critical thinking strategies and skills.

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