How To Create A Profitable Cocktail Party Networking Event


How To Create A Profitable Cocktail Party Networking Event, Create and run both business or social networking exciting events profitably.

Create and Run Your Own: Social and Business Networking Parties

Instead of attending other people’s networking events, …why not run your own networking parties?

You’ve been to all the networking events and felt there was something missing. It was your special touch to running a social networking event with a little of your own panash rolled into the mix.

This starter kit shows you how to have your own social networking events up and running within 4 to 6 weeks.

Build your own successful networking group and attract a circle of friends who you can relate to best.

Build your own network

Create leads for your business

Make a responsive interactive group within your control

What’s included;

  • How to select venues that will work with you and negotiate the best deal for your events
  • How to market and attract a crowd booked in before the night
  • Systems for running the event and how to streamline every facet of the event so you can relax
  • How to consistently build goodwill in your networking events for future success
  • How to network at your own event without appearing pushy or salesy
  • How to minimize no shows and cancellations
  • How to avoid pitfalls events operators make and avert being at the mercy of crazies or sabotage

This business starter kit was built on the back of years of experience. I’ve organized, managed and supervised hundreds of networking events.

Why I created this program?

Years ago I wish I had a handy template like this whist I navigated a myriad of rocks on a bumpy road. I thought I knew events until I attempted running business and social networking parties. This course takes into account systems Ive created from the back of 2 decades of organizing hundreds of social and business events.

Business in a Box

With Networking events, you can run this event regularly throughout the year and create a good predictable cashflow. What’s more this is cask in your pocket right away. The attraction of well run and managed events has never been more

Improve your own networking

By holding networking parties you go from being an attendee to being the conduit of many people … and you no longer have to worry about plucking up the courage to ask people to speak with you. As the organizer, they will be very keen to seek time with you. This starter kit shows how I use events to get people asking me rather than asking them.

Transform others’ lives

Imagine a few weeks from now being complimented for running your very first social or business networking event. At my own events Ive seen people make new friends, overcome shyness, strike a reunion with friends they lost contact with decades ago, Ive seen people get top business contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars, and even people get married via a person they met casually at one of my parties.

You’ll get templates, systems and my handy forms to use to streamline starting your for first event and how to keep it going for future events you run after the first one.

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