How to be More Creative


How to be More Creative, From daily principles to creative brainstorm starters: improve your creativity.

Are you struggling to tap into your creative potential? Do you find yourself facing creative blocks or feeling uninspired? If so, you’re not alone. Creativity can be elusive, but it’s a skill that can be developed with practice and the right mindset. And that’s where this course comes in.

Led by Robin, the founder of a small creative agency in Belgium, “How to Be More Creative” is a comprehensive course designed to help you unlock your creativity and unleash your full potential. Whether you’re an artist, writer, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to bring more innovation into your life, this course is for you.

Over three parts, you’ll explore key aspects of creativity that are often overlooked, but essential to becoming more creative. In Part 1, you’ll discover the link between physical activity and creativity, and learn how staying active and incorporating movement into your daily routine can help you think more clearly and creatively. You’ll also learn about the benefits of regular exercise, including increased energy levels, reduced stress, and improved cognitive function, all of which can help improve your creative output.

In Part 2, you’ll learn about the often-overlooked benefits of boredom. You’ll discover how giving yourself space and time to be bored can actually lead to some of your most innovative ideas. Robin will teach you how to embrace moments of stillness and disconnection, and show you how to spark creative inspiration and gain new insights by allowing your mind to wander.

Finally, in Part 3, you’ll get your hands dirty and dive into specific ways to generate more creative ideas. Robin will show you how to overcome creative blocks and come up with fresh, new ideas – even when they may seem bad at first. You’ll learn how to harness the power of quantity over quality, and how to generate a large number of ideas without fear of failure. Plus, you’ll learn how to collaborate with others to generate even more ideas, and how to build upon each other’s creativity to come up with truly innovative solutions.

By incorporating the lessons and techniques from this course into your daily life, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking your full creative potential. Whether you’re a seasoned creative or just starting out, this course is for anyone looking to tap into their creativity and bring more innovation into their life.

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