How to Achieve More Peace in Your Life with 7 Easy Changes


How to Achieve More Peace in Your Life with 7 Easy Changes, How to transform yourself with the power of change!

Are you ready to learn how to achieve lasting happiness and peace of mind? If so, join me in this masterclass where I will share with you 7 simple shifts that can transform your life for the better. You will also have fun, practice, and get lots of cool insights from me and my two funny cameras that are filming me 😛

In this class, you will discover:

  • How to identify and overcome the situations that disturb your peace of mind and affect you negatively
  • How to apply the Golden Tip, a real-time solution that I will reveal in the 3rd lesson, to any challenging situation
  • How to make 7 simple shifts that will help you cultivate long-term happiness and bliss
  • How to use interactive worksheets to reinforce your learning and track your progress

As a class project, you will complete and upload 3 worksheets in the project section:

  1. A gratitude list of 30 things that you appreciate in your life and why
  2. A complaint that you have and how you can reframe it positively
  3. A classification of your daily watching and listening activities into productive vs unproductive (pleasurable) to find an extra hour for yourself

I will also do the worksheets with you and share them with you. So we are in this together!!

Let’s embark on this journey together and make the 7 simple shifts!!

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