How the Indian Stock Market Works


How the Indian Stock Market Works, Learn how the Indian Stock Market differs from others and what strategies to use.

Most people have heard of the Stock Market on Wall Street or London and have little to no knowledge or awareness of other stock markets, like the Indian Stock Market. Despite being smaller and less popular, the Indian Stock Market offers unique opportunities to those who take interest in it and spend some time to learn how it works. It is also not that small. With a $3.4 trillion market cap, it is the world’s largest derivatives exchange by number of contracts traded and the fourth largest in cash equities by number of trades for the calendar year 2021. Economic Times estimates that as of April 2018, 6 crore (60 million) retail investors had invested their savings in stocks in India, either through direct purchases of equities or through mutual funds. The Bimal Jalan Committee report estimated that 1.3% of India’s population invested in the stock market.

This course will be in the form of an interview with a successful trader who has managed to perform consistently on the Indian Stock Market by trading the companies listed there.  By the time you have watched all the videos, you should have a good idea of how the Indian Stock Market works and differs from other Stock Markets, and even learn a trading strategy that can help you take advantage of the opportunities in Indian Stock Market.

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