How I quit my job at 40, and you can do the same.


How I quit my job at 40, and you can do the same. My strategy to quit my job having financial freedom. What you should know and do to get the same result.


The course is divided into three main parts.

In the first part I will tell you about my path that will lead me, for sure, to have the freedom to decide whether to continue working or not, starting from my age of 40.

My strategy is a mixture of work and investment, both financial and real estate. No miraculous strategy, but only concrete things and with the utmost seriousness.

In the second part we will talk about you and what you should do to achieve the same goal, or anyway to have the freedom to choose what to do in your life.

In the third part we will focus on the topic of investments, we will talk about the various financial instruments available, I will tell you which ones I prefer and use habitually. We will then do a deepening on real estate investments (my favorites). You will have all the information to start investing in the real estate world, without making mistakes and building your assets.

This course will give an important added value to those who listen to them. The principles mentioned in it are essential to be able to manage properly their finance and live their lives freely.

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