Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying


Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying , Pre Contract, Post Contract , Civil, MEP, Landscape, Plaswift,Excel.etc.

What you”ll learn:

  • Construction Contracts and Contract Documents
  • Standard Method of Measurements
  • Introduction to Planswift Professionals
  • Understanding of Construction Drawings, Quantity Take-off and BOQ preparation from AutoCAD and PDF files using Planswift Professionals
  • Tendering Method & Procurement Route
  • Unit rate preparation based on vendor quotations and Pricing Tenders using Historical Data
  • Interim Valuation, Variation, Subcontractor Invoices, Claims, Value Engineering, PS, PC and Final Accounts
  • MS-Excel Techniques and Templates for Quantity Surveyors
  • Interview Preparation
  • HVAC System And Take off
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System

Course Description

The course you’ve outlined appears to be comprehensive and well-structured, covering a range of topics relevant to Quantity Surveying in construction projects. Here’s a brief breakdown of the key components:

Course Goals:

  1. Understanding of Quantity Surveying Role:
    • Equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the role and functions of Quantity Surveying in construction projects.
  2. Methods of Measurement, Pricing, and Estimating:
    • Provide knowledge of various measurement, pricing, and estimating methods used in Quantity Surveying.
  3. Cost Planning and Budget Management:
    • Develop skills in preparing cost plans and budgets, as well as monitoring and controlling costs during construction projects.
  4. Contract Administration:
    • Enhance knowledge and skills in contract administration, including contract preparation, tendering processes, and negotiation.
  5. Risk Management:
    • Develop an understanding of risk management in construction projects, covering identification, assessment, and management of risks.
  6. Modern Quantity Surveying Tools:
    • Familiarize students with modern tools and techniques in Quantity Surveying, including the use of software applications.

Course Outline:

  1. Standard Method of Measurements:
    • Cover the industry-standard methods used for quantifying and measuring construction works.
  2. Planswift Professionals:
    • Introduce the use of Planswift Professionals for quantity take-off and BOQ preparation from AutoCAD and PDF files.
  3. Construction Drawings and BOQ Preparation:
    • Understand construction drawings and learn how to prepare Bills of Quantities (BOQ) from AutoCAD and PDF files.
  4. Tendering Method & Procurement Route:
    • Explore various tendering methods and procurement routes in construction projects.
  5. Unit Rate Preparation and Pricing Tenders:
    • Teach the preparation of unit rates based on vendor quotations and the pricing of tenders using historical data.
  6. Valuation, Variation, Invoices, Claims, and Final Accounts:
    • Cover aspects of interim valuation, variations, subcontractor invoices, claims, value engineering, PS, PC, and final accounts.
  7. MS-Excel Techniques for Quantity Surveyors:
    • Provide skills in using MS-Excel for Quantity Surveying tasks through techniques and templates.
  8. MEP System & Take-off:
    • Understand Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems and perform take-offs related to these systems.
  9. Interview Preparation:
    • Include a segment on common interview questions and answers relevant to Quantity Surveying.

Overall Objective:

The course aims to equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them to function competently as Quantity Surveyors in the construction industry. The combination of traditional principles and modern tools ensures a well-rounded education that aligns with industry standards.

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