Herbs for Covid-19 : successful clinical trials on patients


Herbs for Covid-19 : successful clinical trials on patients, A complete guide of Herbs for Covid-19 : successful clinical trials on covid-19 patients.

“A Complete Guide to Successful Herbs Against the Coronavirus Epidemic: Successful Clinical Research on Patients in Different Countries.”

First: In this course, you will learn part of the history of the use of herbs in the face of epidemics, ancient and modern, such as the ancient malaria epidemic and the millions of deaths it caused, and how a herbal remedy was discovered for it by chance, and how this discovered remedy became the standard treatment for malaria until our time.

You will also learn about the history of discovering a new treatment for the malaria epidemic in the last century, and the story of its owner being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

You also learn about the different types of research and the difference between them, such as research on naked cells in laboratories, research on mice and experimental animals, research on patients, and finally, aggregated statistical research.

Then you will move on to the basic stage of this course, which is to identify the recent research of various herbs that have succeeded in reducing the deterioration of the cases of patients with the emerging corona virus.

You will learn about the Nigella sativa and its compounds and countless benefits and the history of its use as an anti-viral, old and new, in the Corona epidemic.

Then you learn about some therapeutic roots such as licorice, turmeric and ginger, and their antiviral research, old and new, during the Corona epidemic.

Then you learn about some aromatic plants; like thyme, oregano and sage, and their great effectiveness against many viruses, especially the emerging corona virus.

Finally, you learn the therapeutic properties of these herbs, their effective concentrations, their side effects, and the method of extracting and using them safely and effectively to benefit the new corona virus patient.

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