Heal wounded childhood Trauma Meditation Course


Heal wounded childhood Trauma Meditation Course, Finding seed patterns first 7 years of your life, Deep Chakra healing, Energy centres, soul spirituality, core beliefs.

Traumas, depression, broken-hearted emotions are really difficult to handle. Positive thinking is not able to heal the root cause of it. Sometimes we feel like we tried so many times. We have been hurt for so long. We don’t know if we could ever be healed. The task of rebuilding ourselves is overwhelming.

There is also unseen factor including karma. These emotional traumas are difficult to be aware of. We do not know why the feelings are keep cycling. Things keep happening again and again and we do not know why. We don’t know how to access and heal. It seems like we are stuck in a cycle.

In order to heal those long-suppressed traumas and emotions, we need to dig into the root cause of it. We need to search the seed pattern which happened in the first 7 years of our lives. They are related to your chakra. If you have the emotions that are suppressed, your chakras will also be blocked. It affects every area of your life.

In this course, we will get in touch with your wounded traumas that are the first 7 years of your life. We find out the root cause and straight go to the healing. We clear our karma and break the unseen cycle. We transform our anger and deeply heal the pain’s hurts. These are all innovative ways to heal. Keep an open mind to receive a new perspective.

In this course, we will

  • Transform anger in an innovative way
  • Heal emotions deeply
  • learning how to feel
  • Take back your power
  • Find out the seed pattern
  • Break the karmic cycle
  • Deeply transform your emotions
  • Honor your emotional system
  • Embrace tour life lessons
  • Birthing a new you
  • And much more

In healing through finding out the root cause, we heal the emotions in a transformative way. This will result in remarkable recoveries, happy life and health that you have never imagined.

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