Grow Your Business & Maximise Your Profits


Grow Your Business & Maximise Your Profits, A Practical Action Plan To Revolutionise Your Bottom Line.

A Practical Action Plan To Revolutionise Your Bottom Line

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Are you maximising your profitability? Are you really? Have you systematically explored all the options you and your business can take to make that happen?

Our experience shows that many people don’t actually know how business works. It’s not their fault – nobody teaches them! In truly profit-focused businesses, people know the impact they have on profitability, both positively and negatively and take action as a result. They ensure that all their people have a real profit focus – they understand the impact that they have on the bottom line and are actively engaged in improving profits and maximising financial returns!

About The Course

This practical and action-oriented course will help you create a real commercial focus, both for yourself and your team. It’s not about being able to recite the cash flow backwards or have an MBA in global economics, but it’s about finding ways to create a real commercial focus and what you can do in your business to impact on the bottom line (positively of course!).

Business competitiveness expert Andy Hanselman will help you explore the common barriers to creating a real profit focus and identify ways that you can overcome them. You will also explore the options and possibilities for your business to maximise profitability and seriously maximise financial returns and resources.

By applying a proactive approach, which we call the Routes To Profitability, you will develop your own Profit Improvement Plan. No ‘creative accounting’, or a lesson in finance – in fact, there’s very little to do with accounting. It’s about proven processes to get everyone in your team profit-focused, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do and maximise profits.

The result will be a planned approach to maximising profitability for your business (or your part of your business) to help you achieve and, hopefully, exceed, your financial targets and maximise financial returns.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is for anyone looking to seriously improve the profitability of their business. You may be a business owner wanting to maximise your financial returns, a departmental manager or team leader responsible for managing a budget, or someone who deals with the day-to-day and wants to improve their commercial knowledge and skills, as well as understanding the impact they have on the financial aspects of their business.

The principles of ‘Maximising Profitability’ apply across all levels and all types of business – we’ve worked with people from a huge range of sectors and one of the things they consistently tell us is how relevant it all is to them, their business, and vitally, their finances! No financial or accounting expertise is needed to maximise this course!

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