Graphic Design Specialization – 4 in 1 Adobe software


Graphic Design Specialization – 4 in 1 Adobe software, Learn Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. Premiere and In Design in one master course.


Would you like to learn to make or build vector or audiovisual projects like a professional? In this 4 in 1 AulGEO courses, you will learn to meet your goals, you will see how to make products to be printed or digital. You will create projects from scratch, and you will enter the world of shapes, color and the basic characteristics of each of the programs that we have brought for you. This is a total comprehensive graphic design and illustration course using Adobe software. Includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design and Adobe Premiere courses.

Adobe Illustrator is the preferred software for vector graphic illustration, with which you can make advertisements, logos, banners and other publicity within the field of graphic design. The course is developed gradually, including the basic functionalities of the menus, with practices in each section and a final project in which the different tools explained are applied.

Adobe photoshop is widely used for retouching images and photographs, but also for the creation of advertisements that, although they do not use vectors, can be created and edited with image-type treatment or interacting with Adobe Illustrator. This course includes both the functionalities of the software menus and their application to practical exercises and a complete project.

Adobe In Design is the software to layout magazines or newspapers in a professional way, for print, digital or even online edition. The course includes the layout of an edition of the real TwinGEO magazine, explaining how the functionalities shown above are applied.

Learn to edit your audiovisual projects with Adobe Premiere, you will know all the particularities and tools that Premiere offers to create videos. You will be able to learn the basic structure of the software and its relationship with other programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. You will visualize and familiarize yourself with the interface, interact with color transitions, color and light corrections and effects, sound mixing and project export.


This course is unique more than 15 hours, offering three courses with practical examples and complete projects, developed by the same instructor who also develops other Adobe courses such as Premiere and After Effects.

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