Fundamentals of Financial Services


Fundamentals of Financial Services, Understanding key elements and basic workings of the Financial Services Industry (useful for exams as well)

What you”ll learn:

  • Banking – History of banking
  • Banking – Distinctions between Retail/Investment etc
  • The role of banks
  • Central banks
  • Saving and Borrowing
  • Evaluating different sources of borrowing (mortgage, overdraft, credit card, payday loans etc)
  • Calculating effective annual IRs
  • Ethics and Integrity in Financial Services
  • How the financial services sector links savers and borrowers, both on a household and corporate scale
  • Insurance
  • IPOs
  • Sources of return for shareholders
  • Calculating dividend yields
  • Benefits and risks of shareholding
  • Bonds
  • Advantages and disadvantages of bondholding
  • Credit rating agencies (S+P, Fitch, Moody’s)
  • Derivatives – call/put options, futures
  • Markets – stock exchanges and regions/sectors that they represent
  • Fund management (vs direct investment)
  • Forex
  • Pensions
  • Fintechs, Crowdfunding, Distributed ledger tech


Thank you for stopping on our course.

The Financial Services industry is one of the most widely publicised, we all interact with it in different ways and yet sometimes we don’t know what goes on within.

Fundamentals of Financial Services has been developed as an introductory repository of information for the way the industry works.

It is developed with the following potential learners in mind:

– Anyone new to the industry

– Anyone seeking knowledge about the basics relating to FS institutions, products and services

– Anyone sitting the any financial services exams – foundation or basic levels, including:

  • New employees at various financial institutions
  • Anyone interested in Economics and the Economy
  • CISI Level 2 “Fundamentals of Financial Services” candidates
  • ACCA students
  • AAT students
  • Finance diploma, degree students
  • Accounting diploma, degree students
  • Tax  students
  • Financial Services entry level
  • Banking entry level
  • Apprentices in the Financial Services industry
  • Anyone interested in Economics and the Economy

We developed it to help people:

– Prepare for exams

– Learn more about the Financial Services industry

– Get a good foundation of the basics within the industry

We have provided information to suite the above mentioned groups of people and also anyone curious about the topic.

We wish you success your endeavour’s within the industry and look forward to interacting with you on LinkedIn.

We welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

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