Fundamentals of Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel


Fundamentals of Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel, Quickly learn and apply finance concepts in Microsoft Excel – Perfect for Beginners.

In this course Microsoft Excel Tools for Financial Modelling, you will:

  • Learn about the Excel tools to build financial models.
  • Discover the most useful Excel functions, add-ons, and formulas to build financial models, perform lookups, assess risk and scenarios and build reports.
  • Uncover the secrets of Goal Seek, Solver and Data Tables for optimisation and scenario analysis.
  • Understand the financial modelling process
  • See why cash flow waterfalls are so important.

PLUS get:

  • Downloads such as Excel shortcuts, model templates and more
  • Recommended reading, podcasts, and websites
  • Discount codes for the annual Financial Modelling Summit, the world’s largest gathering of financial modellers


  • The layout of a financial model
  • Excel basics
  • NPVs and IRRs
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Data Tables
  • Goal Seek and Solver
  • Project Finance Models Overview
  • Model Auditing and Addins
  • Common Model Errors
  • Model Protection
  • Downloads
  • Recommended Reading
  • Bonus – Financial Modelling for Startups

About the Instructor

The course is presented by Financial Modelling Podcast and Summit Host Matthew Bernath. Matthew is an experienced financial modeller, entrepreneur, and CFA® charterholder with a passion for finance, alternative data and analytics.

Matthew hosts the Financial Modelling Podcast, which has been rated as one of the top finance podcasts by the Corporate Finance Institute and Financial Edge. Matthew was previously in a large investment bank’s Infrastructure Finance division focusing on project finance deal structuring and modelling.

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