(Free Course) New Normal Abroad


(Free Course) New Normal Abroad , Life/Travel Under Lockdown.

What you will learn:

  • Travel and Life Abroad Post Lockdown

Course Description

(Please note that this is the free version that does not contain all the content described below)

The travel industry is dead it is said. Fear and lockdowns have grounded most international flights as most air travel has come to a halt. Many think it is impossible to travel during times like these. As for me, I’ve travelled to Asia, Latin America and Africa during these times of global lockdowns. It is absolutely possible. Things are obviously much more difficult then they were in the past. But it is going to be what it is. I’m a living testimony that going out and seeing the world is still something that can be done. One merely needs to have the will and determination to do what it is that they want to do.

Folks that aren’t convinced like to tell me how lucky I am for being able to travel to all of these different places. I smile politely. But what I don’t tell passing acquaintances is that I grew up in a low income household and qualified for US Federal Aid to help me through college.

I’ve lived like a pauper at times, but the places I’ve been and the people met has made it all worth it.

This course will be us walking through the process of making that happen for you. And this is all personal, hard earned experience which I have learned over the past few years living and traveling in East Asia to North America, South America & Africa.

And yes, even during the lockdown ridden post Covid Pandemic world. I muddled my way through university. If I can do it, why can’t you?

The New Normal Abroad

Those that have done any international travel will likely look back on those times with nostalgia because they aren’t coming back for a long time (think years).

There is already plenty of blogs, articles, podcasts and the like related to the travel/overseas-living sector. But most of it has been made irrelevant by the upheaval of 2020.

But I have been on the ground moving and living country to country, continent to continent since this mess all started. This wild ride has taken me from Asia to N. America, S. America & Africa.

To Give You A Better Understanding of What You’ll Be Getting, here is a course overview (please note that this course overview is for the full course, not the free version):

Module 1: Preplanning: Steps to take before your departure

Folks worry about not having money to make the leap. I’ll walk you through what I did when I was a corporate cog. From alternative FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) to “Travel Hacking” techniques I haven’t found anywhere else.

Module 2: Picking Your Destination: COL (Cost of Living) Arbitrage

Life abroad doesn’t mean a glamourous “makin’ it rain” lifestyle (though it can be). Being an accountant, I’ll break down costs to expect as well as my own personal P/L statements across 3 continents (in Thailand, Mexico & Tanzania)

Module 3: West Meets the World: Adjusting to Living Overseas

Culture shock is real. From safety to banking, culture and language with everything in between, I’ll show you everything I’ve learned on how to insert yourself into a foreign country.

Module 4: Covid Travels (Movement in the Age of Travel Restrictions)

If you think culture shock is rough, think of adjusting from the 2010’s travel to the 2020’s is an electrocution. Face palm misadventures. I’ll take you through adjusting and adapting to a new type of international citizenship.


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