Forex Trading: How to Get Started and Build Your Edge


Forex Trading: How to Get Started and Build Your Edge , Learn the basics of Forex and understand how to develop a trading strategy on the market.

What you”ll learn:

  • Students will have the basic knowledge base to approach the FX market with a strategy, manage risk properly, and control their emotions.


Meet Nick Syiek, known by many of his students as Trader Nick. Nick has many years of experience trading in the futures, forex, and U.S. Equities market. With a background in software development, Nick’s approach to trading is rooted in risk management, psychological discipline, and trial and error.

In this course you will learn all about what it takes to start your journey towards being a successful forex trader. This course covers material on how to get started; covering everything from finding a proper broker, to building and testing your own strategies. In this course you will learn about the basics of technical analysis, and tools that can help traders find clues in the market about potentially profitable trades. You will learn how to analyze the market, manage your risk properly, and come up with a game plan that will help you navigate the forex market with an edge.

Forex trading can be a very profitable venture if done properly, but a few concepts are vital to the success of any trader and his/her strategy. In this course you will learn how to approach the market as a meticulous and calculated technician, rather than an impulsive gambler. Many traders do not have the proper tools and knowledge to approach the market in a rational and conservative way, and this course will help to correct many of the mistakes traders often make. With a proper education on how to begin trading, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to build your advantage and edge in trading.

***DISCLAIMER: Cannot guarantee any future earnings or losses***

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