Forex-Trading for beginners Pt. 2: Trade with a system


Forex-Trading for beginners Pt. 2: Trade with a system, Practical basics to trade derivates on the Metatrader 4 platform.

Welcome, Traderfriend! Trading doesn’t have to be complicated and you really do not need a super math brain. You’ve come to the right place if you’re still a complete beginner in trading and are looking for the right start. In the basic course you will be taught theoretical and practical basics of forex trading in a beginner-friendly manner. The whole course is therefore divided into two courses – theory and practice. The goal is to get you in shape for strategic trading in the foreign exchange market although the strategy taught is also used for stock and crypto trading.

In the practical part you will be introduced to the topic of forex trading, necessary terms will be explained and basic concepts will be illustrated. This includes topics such as:

  • Work with MT4 on PC
  • Work with MT4 on the smartphone
  • Tradingview
  • Market Execution and Pending Order
  • How to open and manage trades

You will learn how to use the MetaTrader 4 software in detail in the first video of the course “Work with MT4 on PC”. After that you will learn how to utilize the same programme with the smartphone. In the Tradingview video you will learn to utilize another useful platform which can be used for technical analysis. The following video “market execution and pending order” will give you clarity about the different order types. It might be confusing for most beginners but my visual demonstration in the software will hopefully help you understand. The last video “how to open and manage trades” is important to learn the basic functions of the Metatrader 4 software. All the information that is thrown at you when you open up the programme for the first time might be overwhealming but after studying this course you will have the confidence to use the software on your own.

All in all I hope this course will motivate you to take trading seriously to achieve all your financial goals in the future.

I am wishing you happy trading,

Aleksander Wojciechowski

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