For Ukraine


For Ukraine , About Ukraine…for Ukraine.

What you”ll learn:

  • The importance of humanitarian aid
  • How truth is lost in the war in Ukraine
  • How everyone can help – everyone!
  • How just enrolling in this course helps!
  • Different ways people worldwide can help


All the revenue received by me (the Instructor!) from sales of this course will go to help those in Ukraine/fleeing from Ukraine. Not ‘profit’ but REVENUE. The Videographer/Videoeditor has waived all fees too.

This course is about the war in Ukraine. It is divided into five main sections:

  • Relevance – each lecture explains how this course is RELEVANT to you if you study….(range of subjects)
  • Truth – we look at how ‘truth’ has suffered in this war
  • Action – this section details a) what I am doing b) what YOU can do and c) how just buying this course will help those in Ukraine
  • The end – we examine various scenarios that might happen to end the war
  • P.P.S. – this section is an add-on where I have updated some of the previous information

So, who is this course for?

1. Of course – it is for Ukraine! i.e. for anyone who wishes to help those in Ukraine

2. It will be useful for those studying Business/Economics/Grief/Art Therapy/Leadership/Stress

3. It will be useful for those looking to improve their English as this is very much about current events

4. Just by buying this course you HELP – but what if you GIFT this course to others…there are benefits in helping others…

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