Flutter with Spring Boot Crash Course


Flutter with Spring Boot Crash Course, Build Mobile apps for Android & iOS using Flutter and create REST endpoints with Spring Boot and MySql database.

Hello and welcome everyone to this course. If you want to build a mobile application that targets both Android and iOS and also create a backend for your application, you are in the right place. This course is all about bringing two big frameworks altogether – Flutter and Spring Boot. Throughout this course, we will build a mobile application that is backed by Spring Boot. Using Flutter, we will build our UI and we will use Spring Boot to build REST APIs that will be consumed by our Flutter app.

Flutter and Spring Boot are two big players in the industry. Flutter took no time to become one of the most popular Mobile Apps development framework for its simplicity, easy to learn and multiplatform features while Spring Boot is a proven horse in the long race. Getting skilled according to market demand is every developer’s dream and to become a skilled person in any field takes considerable amount of time. To build a successful production level project, you may have to join many pieces together and go through a series of observations and considerations. Selecting the most suitable platform for your project is a big thing because there’re many eligible candidates out there in the market. Almost every mobile apps require a backend to persist, store it’s data and microservices. Learning different framework is time consuming, learning curve may differ significantly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if you are introduced with the two most demanding framwork from scratch in a single course? That’s why you are here and this course is just for you.

Flutter and Spring Boot are two big frameworks, getting skilled in each environment requires time. Combining these two in a single course was a bit challenging. Besides, putting more features from both the framework in the course could increase it’s length and could be a burden. For this reason, I have put minimum but most basic features from both the framework and tried to build an app by leveraging the power of both of them. By taking this course, you will have a better and strong understanding in both Flutter and Spring Boot. Besides, Dart and Java have many similarities between them. This will give you an advantage to learn both the languages in parallel. I hope you will get the best out of this course, you will learn how to build Flutter apps from scratch and also how to make a RESTFul service with Spring Boot. You will start as a beginner, and at the end of the course, you will be confident enough to go beyond your capabilities by yourself.

We will build one single project throughout this course, and that will be a Bus Ticket Booking or Seat Reservation app where app users will search for different routes on a specific day he/she wants to travel, select the suitable schedule, select one or more seats and then submit the reservation. We will have an Admin for our app whose responsibility is to add bus, routes and schedules. We will provide authentication functionalities for our Admin, we will talk about how we can secure our data or end points and authorization, that means, what kind of data our users can access or not.

Although I will start from scratch, assuming you have no prior knowledge in Flutter and Spring Boot, I strongly recommend you to have a little basic knowledge of Dart and Java programming language to get a smoother experience from this course. If you don’t have any experience in Dart and Java, I suggest you to follow any YouTube channel to learn the basics of Dart and Java before you get to start this course. I have been always careful to keep the length of this course as short as possible. It is observed that long courses fails to keep their audiences till the end. You probably have bought other courses but never been able to reach the end. I want my students to have a smooth journey that ends with satisfaction and a bag full of skills and knowledge.

I hope you will enjoy this course and it will add greater values to your skill.

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