Facebook / Instagram ads for beginners


Facebook / Instagram ads for beginners, Launch your first Facebook and Instagram ad campaign in 1 hour.

Just 1-2 hours and you will have a new skill that helps you to start generating leads on Facebook and Instagram

After this course:

– You will launch your first profitable Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns.

– You will get the first leads

– You will know the basics of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

This course will be the perfect first step for junior digital marketers. After taking this course you will have a skill that you can sell and start your career as a digital marketer.

If you have your own business (especially a service business) this course allows you to generate leads online and automate the sales processes. No need to hire an ad expert or marketing agency. You will launch paid ads campaign by yourself and control all workflow.

In this course we will cover:

– 4 pillars of Facebook / Instagram ads

– Perfect learning path for digital marketers

– Facebook ecosystem for business

– Facebook business manager

– Facebook ads account

– Facebook business page

– Instagram business account

– How not to confuse in the Facebook business ecosystem

– Campaign objectives

– Facebook audiences

– Facebook / Instagram lead forms

– How to wright a perfect ad text

– How to integrate the Facebook lead form with Google sheets

– API integration using Apiway

and more

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