Everyday Yoga for beginners


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This is a 15 days yoga class program for beginners. This program is designed especially for people who are new to yog and want to learn yoga. This is a simple yet effective yoga program for everyday fitness. The complete course of 15 days will help you in enhancing strength, improving balances, increasing flexibility, strengthening, and lengthening the spine. It reduces the tension in your back, spine, and overall body.

The practice of these poses can be done by an individual of any age group above 13 years. After completing the program, you will feel more energetic, refreshed, and confident. The program is designed for improving the overall health of your body and mind. Before practicing the pose, it is very important to follow the correct technique and take proper precautions to avoid any kind of injury.

The Practice designed in a manner that you can practice for 30 days a months and after such practice you will able to resolve several health issue for lifetime.

This yoga Practice is best for your lifetime wellness and not required too much of efforts. The best time to practice yoga can be of early morning however you can work with practice anytime within the day as well.

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