Enhancing Balance, Embodiment & Quality of Awareness


Enhancing Balance, Embodiment & Quality of Awareness, Principled Movement to Improve Your Life.

The premise of this course is that a life is best lived when you are most present in each moment.

While there are many ways to deepen your presence in the here and now, personal development work often leaves out the body. And, when it is included, it’s usually limited to strength training, cardio, or various forms of yoga.

But when it comes to animating the hardware that is your body, very few of us have been taught how to use our bodies well.

Most people use their bodies poorly. Poor movement is a systemic virus in your Human Operating System; a downgrade that affects all other aspects of your performance, health, happiness and ability to learn and thrive. Critically, it degrades the Quality of your Attention in the moment.

This course is designed to help you rediscover and unleash the full potential of your movement using tested and effective practices designed to train fundamental principles of wellformed movement into how you use yourself every day.  It will lead to you being more comfortable and free in your body.

My expectation is that by practicing the exercises in this course as well as embracing and embodying the concepts, you will steadily become happier, healthier, and more high performing in every domain of your life.

After nearly 30 years as a behavioral engineer, working with clients from all walks of life and all levels of accomplishment, I have come to believe that the wellformed use of your body is a key aspect of living a fulfilling and exceptional life, as well as achieving top-tier performance, satisfaction and in-the-moment awareness.

I offer this course as a way to improve the Quality of Your Attention, to help you become more present here and now, and in turn, more alive in the ways that matter most.

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