English for beginners – Master ‘to be’ to speak good English


English for beginners – Master ‘to be’ to speak good English, The complete introduction to using the most important verb in English. Start speaking English today using ‘to be’.

English language – how to learn it well?

If you don’t speak any English, I recommend starting with this comprehensive course for beginners.

If you speak a little English, but you don’t know much about the verb ‘to be’, this course will help you. The verb ‘to be’ is one of the most important verbs in the English language.

Mastering English can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. This course will make it easier and help you in the process of learning English.

Course for beginners

I understand the problems of being a beginner. I was one too.

I will introduce you to the verb ‘to be’ and show you why it is essential to understand it.

Students who do not learn it well, have problems speaking English. They often waste a lot of time on learning but their English develops very slowly. They feel that they are not making progress and get frustrated and give up learning. I have met many people like this.

I keep things simple by using a clear format. Dark backgrounds help you on focusing on what we are teaching you.

Both myself and the native speaker try to speak slowly and clearly, we also use very simple words and grammar, because I know that you probably don’t know grammar yet, and I would like you to understand us.

We explain the structure, and then you practise with me and the native speaker.

So what is this course about:

  • Giving you a good foundation for learning English
  • Giving you lots of information in a logical and clear manner so it’s easy to remember
  • Showing you step by step how to use the verb ‘to be’ in affirmative and negative form sentences, as well as in questions
  • Practising what you learn by reading, writing, and speaking
  • Speaking with a British native speaker and with me
  • Helping you to create simple sentences
  • Giving you clear and simple instructions
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