Encoding 2


Encoding 2, Let’s Code Objects / mBot Robot.

   Encoding, in its most general definition, is the process of explaining the tasks we want it to do to a computer, machine or a system in a language they can understand. For example; If you want to make a website, make a computer game, create an application for the computer or make a robot, you have to learn coding.

Many electronic devices we use, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, calculators, need code snippets for their work.

In this training, we will do coding with code blocks, which is the most basic of programming. You will also step into the programming world with the applications we will make with the Scratch program.

Thanks to the code blocks that we will create with the drag and drop method, we will learn to code and improve ourselves with applications in this course, where beautiful games will be made. After the basic applications, robot control applications will be started with Mbot.

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