Emotional Navigation for New Age Managers


Emotional Navigation for New Age Managers, An map to inner harmony.

This course shines a light on our internal emotions, thoughts and processes that directly influence our responses, analysis and overall interactions as a Manager. Self awareness of emotions within various portions of a Managers path in a company are identified and dissected for deeper understanding. Our emotions are connected to our thoughts and flow interchangeably as our primary motivations most of the time. Learning to adopt healthy habits and abolish destructive habits are emphasized to preserve emotional stability. Also understanding how activity in the work place can push toward emotional imbalances are explained. A lack of pin pointing what doesn’t work for you energetically in the work place will keep you in a never ending loop of  emotional highs and lows. This course is design to keep you off of this rollercoaster ride.

The course also talks through and provides real life examples of possible scenarios that might trigger our emotions to take the front seat at times. Knowing how to navigate your emotions and identify when it is appropriate to prevent them from surfacing or utilizing them as a strength will be discussed thoroughly. Now more than ever it is important to create harmony with our emotional selves and fall in alignment with true mastery !

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