Elite Personal Training / Fitness Coach Marketing Secrets


Elite Personal Training / Fitness Coach Marketing Secrets, Unleash Your Gym Domination: Unconventional Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers to market services to clients.

In this course, Fitness Expert and Author Ron Betta shares more advice from Fit Pro Systems. Ron introduces you to the secrets he’s learned since becoming a Trainer in 2002. From working with other Trainers to using free seminars to build your following, you will learn how to maximize revenue and open new markets in your space. Perhaps you compete for clients with Trainers in a gym. In this course, Ron shares how he used other Trainers to help build his business while helping to get them clients at the same time. Ron will share with you ways to look at the market and make adjustments to your marketing for improved performance.

From special populations to overall fitness, hone your skills and find your niche. Ron’s tactics will help you create new ways to advertise in the gym in a manner that will get you attention fast. Set yourself apart from other Trainers so members at the gym know who to go to for the information you hold.

With over 20 years experience, Ron has written several books on fitness, including how to manage relationships with clients. Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack and make a name for yourself with the ideas included. This course is concise with easy to follow methods you can implement immediately for fast results.

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