Easy Python Programming for Absolute Beginners


Easy Python Programming for Absolute Beginners, From Basics to Game Building: Variables, Functions, Methods, and Control Flow.

Course Title: Easy Python Programming for Absolute Beginners

Course Description:

This course is designed for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language, with everything taught through the lens of a game. It is divided into eleven main sections:

  1. Introduction: A welcoming overview of Python, setting the stage for the course.
  2. Google Colab: Guidance on utilizing Google Colab for Python coding, enabling an easy start.
  3. Variable Assignment: Exploration of variable naming, mathematical operations, order of operations, and comments in Python, fostering effective coding practices.
  4. Builtin Functions and Import Statements: Instruction on leveraging Python’s built-in functions and importing external modules, enhancing code functionality.
  5. Data Types: Examination of Python’s various data structures, enabling data manipulation and storage.
  6. F-Strings: Focus on string formatting using F-strings, improving code readability.
  7. Methods: Introduction to Python methods, enhancing object-oriented programming skills.
  8. Comparison Operators: Insight into comparison operators, allowing logical decision-making within code.
  9. Control Flow: Exploration of loops and conditional statements, enabling dynamic code execution.
  10. Creating Functions and Problem Decomposition: Guidance on defining and using functions, promoting code reusability and organization. Techniques for breaking down complex problems, enhancing problem-solving skills.
  11. Final Project: A hands-on series of exercises to build a game, culminating in a practical application of learned skills.

Target Audience:

Individuals with no prior programming experience who are interested in learning Python in an engaging and straightforward manner, with a focus on developing simple games.

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