Dynamic Programming 6-Step Framework to ace your interview I


Dynamic Programming 6-Step Framework to ace your interview I, Compiled list of Dynamic Programming Leetcode questions to Ace your Next Interview.

Embark on a journey into one of the most renowned and challenging realms of programming with our dynamic programming course. Despite its reputation for complexity, we are dedicated to demystifying dynamic programming, delving deep into its foundational principles.

The course commences by introducing and defining dynamic programming, unveiling two widely utilized techniques: memoization and tabulation. We thoroughly explore their distinctions, guiding you on when and where to deploy each method effectively.

Moving beyond theory, we tackle renowned dynamic programming problems, providing detailed problem statements and conducting illustrative walkthroughs. Notably, dynamic programming plays a significant role in tech giant interviews, and our course meticulously compiles essential problems crucial for establishing a robust DP foundation. We will learn how top apply 6 step DP framework to solve any DP problem:

1. Category

2. States

3. Decisions

4. Base Case

5. Code

6. Optimize (Time or Space Complexity)

We will solve problems from 5 different categories:

  1. 0/1 Knapsack
  2. Unbounded Knapsack
  3. Shortest/Critical Path
  4. Fibonacci Sequence
  5. Longest Common Substring/Subsequence

This will be series of free course exploring different problems from DP Leetcode Category. Every students that joins is free to use our platform containing 200 problems in 4 different programming languages split by company/category with deep dive videos.

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