Discrimination Training for Managers


Discrimination Training for Managers, Learn how managers can prevent and deal with discrimination in the workplace.

Why should you attend?

A key step in fostering a safe and inclusive. workplace is making sure all employees are aware of the problems being faced and what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable. Discrimination is illegal. Over 1 million complaints have been filed to the EEOC. This course will teach you how to spot, prevent, and deal with discrimination in the workplace.

Who should attend?

· This training is essential for current and future managers in an organization.

Learning objectives

· What managers need to know about discrimination

· Protecting employees from retaliation

· Handling discrimination claims

· How to talk to the accused

Educational Approach

· This training takes a modern approach to sexual harassment training

· Classes are illustrated with practical questions and examples

· Classes include examples and real case discussions


· A desire to make your organization better equipped to deal with discrimination in the workplace

Table Of contents

· Employer Responsibilities Regarding Discrimination

· Conduct Timely and Impartial Investigations

· Protect Employees from Retaliation

· Maintain Complainant Confidentiality

· How to Talk with the Accused

· Inform Employees of Their Rights

· Recognize Potential Discrimination in Leading

· Ask the Right Questions About Discrimination

· Understand Liability for Discrimination

· Refrain from Potential Discrimination During Hiring

· Address Discrimination Proactively

· Work with Reluctant Victims of Discrimination

· Handle Claims of Discrimination

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