Digital Strategy Mastery : Learn Success Secrets from Amazon


Digital Strategy Mastery : Learn Success Secrets from Amazon, If you want to be a successful leader in digital transformation or a business strategy consultant, take this course.

So you are looking to master your knowledge in digital strategy and transformation, which is so important to succeed in today’s increasingly digital business world. You may be a business leader looking to make effective, well-informed decisions in the online space, or a consultant looking to better serve your clients venturing online, or maybe you are simply curious to learn what it takes to formulate and execute a successful digital strategy. Whatever your case, this course will teach you the most valuable MBA level concepts in the context of one of the world’s largest and most successful online companies today: Amazon.

In my experience, having taught MBA and Executive courses to managers and entrepreneurs, the best way to learn strategy is not by picking up a whole bunch of theoretical concepts and then trying to figure out through costly trial and error how they apply in real-life business situations. The best way to lean strategy is by studying real-world companies to understand their challenges and struggles, discover what strategic decisions helped them achieve success, learn from cautionary tails of their failures — and from all of that draw conclusions that will help you succeed in your business practice. In this course, we’ll go deep inside Amazon, and you will take away powerful lessons from this remarkable online company. Then you can use these takeaways to formulate your successful digital strategy or help your consulting clients to succeed in theirs.

The purpose of this course to establish a link between academic wisdom and practical application in the exciting and constantly evolving online business world. Begin your learning journey by signing-up for this incredible course today!

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