Digital Minimalism


Digital Minimalism, A practical guide on how to use your gadgets more consciously and develop a minimalist mindset.

Hi, have you ever dreamt to live a more conscious life?

Probably, YES, because awareness is what gives meaning to our actions. Whether you write your own stories, books, or just a script for a future YouTube video, you should adhere to some principles or rules.

This course is created especially for those who wish to upgrade themselves as a minimalist and become familiar with distinct moments of this Philosophy or Way of thinking.

Why do I call this Philosophy, you may ask me?

Because this envelops different parts of your life: social, mental, professional, and other spheres. You may read a popular book by Cal Newport “Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World.” or just heard about it through YouTube videos or articles. Even if you are a newbie to this theme it doesn’t matter. You can start now and make something significant to your future self!

Throughout this course, you will open something unexplored and learn about such amazing things, as:


-Paradox of Choice

-Problems of Digitalization

-Clip Thinking

-List of Minimalist

-Minimalist Principles

and many others…

Every lesson is not only a dry theory but has some practical advice and exercises to try.

Stay in prosperity, peace, and respect. And see you on the course!

P.S. Additionally, I prepared more bonus stuff with additional resources. But I need your honest feedback. So, whether you enjoy the course, write reviews and questions you want to ask. I am doing my best to make your process as seamless and comfortable as possible. Thanks for staying with me!

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