Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business 2022 (Quick Guide)


Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business 2022 (Quick Guide), In this quick course I am showing you how you can optimise your small business digital marketing under 2 hrs.

Welcome to the Five things you can do under five hours (2 hours actually) to boost your digital marketing mini-course.

If you are a small business owner struggling to make sales, then you should enrol in this course, as I am sharing quick and easy tips on optimising your digital marketing.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to know anything about digital marketing. This course is designed for a complete beginner.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to optimise your Google business profile
    1. Products & Services
    2. How to pick the correct business category
    3. Importance of keywords
  2. How to optimise your brand so you look more professional
    1. How to create a logo
    2. How to pick the best colour palette & font style for your business
    3. How to stick to your brand
  3. How to do social media marketing
    1. Why you should NOT listen to social media gurus
    2. How to create social media posting schedule
  4. How should you fine-tune your website so you get more leads from your current website
    1. 3 main areas you should focus
    2. How to optimise your current website
  5. And finally, a brief introduction to email marketing.

I’m sure you’ll love the course and that this course and the strategies you’ll learn will improve your business in a brief period. This course is NOT a course on advanced digital marketing strategies but a quick guide on how to quickly improve your current digital marketing efforts.

Tharindu Wijesekara from Lone Leopard Digital Marketing Consultant, Melbourne.

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